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Copy of About Us

Girls Night International was created from the joy of getting together and getting ready together! Growing up, our house was always the house where the girls (and the boys) would come over to! We would all visit with my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, and then with the girls, into my room where we would have so much fun getting ready together that we would barely make it out of the house to the party or outing we were planning to go to! And that is exactly what Girls Night International is about! Friendship, Fun, Fashion and Bonding! Most often, having the best nights out start from the best nights in! Of course, the fashion, makeup and getting ready part is definitely part of the fun of being a girl and embracing your body and self in a celebratory way! Getting pretty is very important and taking pride in yourself and looking your best is wonderful! But what is even better, is the magic of sharing with one another while doing so. Laughing together, supporting one another in or out of relationships until we find the right one to marry, and supporting one another's dreams and helping one another if in a wrong situationf or out true heart's desires. Growing up my mom taught a class at the community college that intrigued me as a child. She was a beauty queen and beautiful, but also she taught me about inner beauty and self esteem.  I could not wait to take her class and I did-- I wanted to know how to look my best and treat myself the best. These things are very important to not only learn as a young women, but to continue to practice even more as an adult. The power of fun, and friendship and self care, of valuing your woman hood that is magical and beautiful and unique. I truly believe that we have very magical special gifts as a women. It heals, it brings love, it is a great gift. It sets the mood, and it's  more fun getting ready with a theme or with friends! 


  Mom and sister came to visit me (Angie Papanikolas, store owner) in LA and I was so refreshed I didn't want the fun to end. There is nothing like getting ready together, laughing, sharing, holding one another accountable and then feeling so empowered after speaking out your goals after your frustrations. The day after they left I went to a concert all the way in Bakerfield with my God sister because I didnt want the fun to end. That is what the store should feel like. Fun. Like getting ready wit your friends. Our purpose is to encourage women to embrace their womanhood, their magic, purpose and their individuality through friendship, sisterhood, creativity, prayer, music, fun, fashion and beauty! We believe in the power of fun and the magic that girls nights bring. There is truly nothing better than a night laughing with the girls. It is refreshing to the soul. 

We host artistic, creative, themed, heartfelt and downright fun events all over the globe to truly bless and inspire women to be their best selves! We truly feel blessed by the power of unity that happens when women open their hearts to one another! There is no way to describe girls night than from the heart!  embrace their uniqueness and one another's, when they support and share with one another, encourage one another and in return are encouraged. We all know what it feels like to have a fun, refreshing, much needed girls night! magic and sisterhood that happens when women get together, and recognize how it blesses one another's hearts. In this world, it is truly refreshing to let loose, walk away from work and stress, and have a great, refreshing girls night! There is really nothing like a great, fun girls night full of laughter and fun! It is great for the soul, great for you, and great for the woman next to you! We all work hard, we all are fighting battles no one knows anything about at times, and we all need to have some good friends and fun! We invite you to come, have fun, learn something, make some new friends or  bring an old bestie, share something or just dance. We have different events from makeup, to cooking, to workouts with DJs, to nights out in big cities! We are looking forward to sharing our heart with you! you girl to meet up with us for some heart filled, women empowering, fun themed events in your city! From low key creative nights to makeup events, to nights on the town, to nights of prayer and faith! We can't wait to meet you babe!


And until then, we hope you enjoy our online store. We have carefully chosen out some really fun items for the girl who wants to have fun! We also love throwing parties! That was one of the reasons this vision came to be! We know how time consuming but worth it hosting a party is, so we wanted to make sure to help by taking some of the hard planning out and saving you time by presenting some gorgeous matching decor.  We can even help you book your tables at hotspots for your special night. We have worked hard to get our girls some great deals across the globe for bottle service if you and  your party decides they must have a night out at a club to top off the fun! We want you to have your own table and not have to hang out by some creepy guy's table. Email us or call to book your table at a hotspot.